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SUVThe Wolf Elec Intercom System for SUVs and Minivans solves a frustrating problem. The driver is facing forwards with all the passengers behind them. The driver can usually hear the persons behind them when they speak, but the rear passenger can not hear the driver unless they shout, or turn their heads. If the driver is distracted from the road ahead, the consequences could be disastrous.

We have two standard products available:



Microphone shown on left side of vehicle

Microphone shown on left side of vehicle

Talkback KitOur ‘Talk Back’ system is a one-way voice amplifier. This amplifies the drivers voice and sends it to speakers in the rear of the vehicle. This is a simple and effective solution to the problem.

An example of the kit contents is shown (please click on the picture to enlarge). We can also supply with flush fitted speakers and an extra microphone for the front passenger.






Gooseneck Microphone shown on RHD vehicle

Gooseneck Microphone shown on RHD vehicle

For greater volume, and if the driver would also like the rear passengers voice amplified we have a two-way system also available.

The driver has a flexible gooseneck microphone to speak directly into. This can be pushed away when not in use. The rear passengers have discreet  microphones in the side or roof of the vehicle.

If either the driver or regular passengers have a hearing aid also consider a hearing loop.

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