Can you supply intercoms for use outside of a vehicle?

We have developed our own exclusive, 100% waterproof microphone for use outside and we have a range of waterproof (even sea-waterproof) speakers available. We can provide systems for outside use, for example, between a vehicle and the outside, or for use on boats.

Do you export?

Yes, We supply intercoms all over the world and we’re pleased to quote in Euros, US Dollars and most other currencies.

I don’t need a full intercom. I only need one-way communication.

We can supply systems that are just listening devices and also systems for public address. Please contact us with your requirement.

I don’t see an application that’s the same as I require. Can you help?

Yes. We specialise in producing intercoms for special applications and we can produce “one offs” or small production runs. Just let us know what you need.

My vehicle is 24-volt operation. Do you supply intercoms for these?

Although our intercoms are 12 volt they can be run with a 24- to 12-volt converter.  Most 24v vehicles will already have one of these to power the radio and this can usually be used. Alternatively, we can supply converters on request. We also supply AC/DC converters.

We are vehicle converters and we make our own wiring harnesses. Can you supply just the components (speakers, microphones, module etc) to work with our harnesss?

No problem. We work with many vehicle producers and supply only the items they need. Our technical division will even help you design your own harness, if required.