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Hearing Loops & Mobility Vehicle Intercom Systems


shutterstock_122429278Hearing Loop: The problem and the solution.
Hearing loss is the most common disability and affects 1 in 6 of us, yet it is rarely noticed. For hard of hearing people simple activities can be a constant struggle.
Unlike wearing glasses, a hearing aid, including the best digital aids, do not bring all the sounds back into perfect focus. There will be situations where extra help to hear and most importantly understand a situation can be the difference between enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation or confusion, frustration and anxiety.
In the rear of a moving vehicle this is particularly a problem. The driver is speaking away from the person, towards the front windscreen. If the driver turns his head to speak he is distracted from the road ahead with potentially fatal consequences. For people with normal hearing an intercom would help, but the better solution for the hard of hearing is a hearing induction loop.
prisoner transportHow a Hearing Loop helps
In a typical installation* the vehicle will have a small and unobtrusive microphone fitted near the driver. This connects to our unique automatic hearing loop amplifier. From this a loop of wire is run behind the trim in the roof to form a large loop around the perimeter of the vehicle. No setting up or adjustment is needed.
If you are hard of hearing and sitting under the area covered by the roof loop just switch your hearing aid onto the ‘T’ position. When the driver speaks the sound will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid. We even provide a sticker to show occupants that the loop is fitted.

* If it is the driver that is hard of hearing the equipment  can be installed in reverse so that the driver can hear the rear passengers.

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Mobility Vehicles

DisabilityOur intercom systems for mobility vehicles solve a frustrating problem. The driver is facing forwards with a person in a wheel chair behind them. The driver can usually hear the person behind them when they speak, but the rear passenger can not hear the driver unless he shouts, or turns his head. If the driver is distracted from the road ahead the consequences could be disastrous.

We have two standard products available. Our ‘Talk Back’ system is a one way voice amplifier. This amplifies the drivers voice and sends it to a speaker in the rear of the vehicle. This is a simple and effective solution to the problem.  For greater volume, and if the driver would also like the rear passengers voice amplified, we have a two way system available. If either the driver or regular passengers have a hearing aid also consider a hearing loop.

Our standard kits include all wiring and hardware for the installation. For manufacturers of of mobility vehicles we will work with you to develop an O.E.M. kit for fast installation on your production line.

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