11-Security & Cash Collection

Security & Cash Collection Vehicle Intercom Systems

Communication between the driver and crew of security and cash-collection vehicles is vital to ensure the security of the vehicle and its contents is not compromised.

Wolf Elec Intercoms has three different products that can be combined to provide a system to meet all your needs.



1) For the driver of the vehicle to converse with someone on either side of the vehicle (in a security post or booth, for example) without having to open a window or door. The system can be discreet, with hidden microphones and speakers, or it can be a clearly marked panel on the side of the vehicle.

2) For the driver of the vehicle to converse with a guard outside the vehicle (for example, by the rear or door before allowing access to the vehicle).

3) For the driver in the front cab to converse with crew in separate compartments.

Security VanOur systems are custom designed for each vehicle. The driver’s operation is usually hands-free, for ease of use and to meet driving legislation.

The rear area can be hands-free or, if more discreet communication is required, the vehicle can be fitted with headset sockets or telephone-type handsets.

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