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Wolf Elec Armored Vehicle Intercom Systems were originally designed for ballistic-protected SUVs. They are now used in the Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevy Suburban, Range Rover and numerous other Armored cars.

With the Wolf In-Car Intercom system, the driver can converse with someone outside the car or in a security post or booth — without compromising the vehicle’s security by opening  a window.

To speak to the outside, the driver presses and holds a button, either dashboard-mounted or foot switch. A speaker set into the engine bay transmits his voice.

The outside voices are picked up by a waterproof microphone in a stainless-steel housing, installed near or on the wing mirror.

Wolf Elec Armored Vehicle Intercom System options include:

  • Rear-view mirror-mounted microphone for the driver.
  • Handheld microphone for the driver.
  • Single or dual (either side) microphones outside.

A range of amplifier outputs can be provided with standard or heavy-duty weatherproof speakers.

As these vehicles are often used in hostile environments where temperatures are extreme and conditions difficult, the quality of the design and choice of components is vital. The Wolf Armored Vehicle Intercom System is a proven, reliable solution to your needs.

The Intercom System is best installed at the time the vehicle is manufactured. We are pleased to work with Armoured vehicle manufacturers worldwide to produce kits to their specifications.

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